When I first started applying to school, I never had a dream school or any particular career I was heading for. I did know that I wanted to attend college and become the first in my family to attend college. I started applying to a lot of different school. Some close to the beach others closer to home. As soon as I started getting acceptances back, I relied more on my financial status. I knew that I could go to a college in California because I was accepted, however, financially, I could not attend. Once I received acceptance letters, I ran right away to check the financial aid. Many schools offered me money, but I needed to me smart. While the financial aid statement said that I would not pay much, I had to think about the money for transportation, rent, and other expenses.

As a first gen who came from immigrant parents, it was hard to rely on my parent’s money. They said that they could only afford my groceries or some little expenses. I was grateful with that because I knew that I always counted on them for whatever. I ended up deciding that I would go to a great school that offered me the most money. I ended up choosing Virginia Tech and I am loving every second of it.

This is my story. The college acceptance mattered a lot, but what mattered the most to me what the financial aid.