julianna-85One thing that has amazed me about college is how much we gain and learn in a tiny span of time. As I read back at my old blogs, it seems as if I wrote it years ago. A LOT has changed in two months!

First of all, my faith in god has grown stronger now that I’m in college, and it has really made a difference in my involvement at Texas State. I realized it’s not just about ME; it’s about giving back to the community, my family and the world. Volunteering at shelters and helping others has played a big role in my life this semester.

Secondly, I have decided Journalism is not for me. Working for my school’s newspaper really gave me the insight to know what Journalism is all about. It’s a great field of study, but my heart is just not for it. I have not decided what I want to go into just yet. I have so many interests and my mind just wants to flow in every career direction. However, I will take time this summer to really think about what I want to do with my life.

Thirdly, not everything is “picture perfect”. I have been denied for job offers, I have lost friends, I am still coping with family issues, but I am okay with that. No one has a perfect life, and sometimes I am glad I am put through certain situations because that is how we learn. I know I am going to fall at times, but the real challenge is getting back up. As Frank Davidson once said, “Our most profitable lessons are learned from failure, not from success.”

The friends I have made, the organizations I have joined, my actions, my classes, they have all influenced me to change. I used to say, “I’ll always be the same old Julie” but we are humans, and we are going to change. I am looking at the world and my life through a whole different perspective now.  Even at times of worries, I will always be thankful for everything that I have been blessed with- especially my journey here at college.