As I left my hometown of Irmo, South Carolina, I knew that I was prepared for college.

I had spent my entire month of July preparing for college in a transition program, SPECTRA, hosted by the College of Charleston, and had only been home for a week before I had to go back. Although I had familiarized myself with the campus and made plenty of new friends, I still was well aware that the Fall Semester was going to be a completely different challenge in comparison to my month-experience.

While at SPECTRA, I had boundaries for how far off of campus I could go and a curfew! Now that I no longer have set activities that I have to do all throughout the day (other than class, of course) and am free to explore the wonderful city of Charleston, I am able to fully experience what college is about. Getting this small taste of real college has gotten me very excited about what these next four years may hold for me.

I’ve only been in Charleston for two weeks but I already have become involved in most things that interest me. I’ve participated in Greek Rush and have become an Associate Member of a fraternity, which has allowed me to meet a really great group of guys. Also I have decided to run for a position in College of Charleston’s Student Government Association. A requirement to run is to get 50 signatures from fellow classmates so that has made me get out of my comfort zone and talk to people that I do not know and that has been a great way to meet new people.

So far I’ve had plenty of fun but I will have to perfect my time management to make sure that I balance all of my activities and my classwork. Everything about Charleston has been excellent and I love it so much, but sometimes I do get overwhelmed with the commitments that I am taking on. To ensure that I stay on track, I have joined an academic support group to help me stay accountable for all of my academic responsibilities… I would highly recommend this to any high schoolers and college students, by the way!

Ultimately, I am so excited about what my future holds. Charleston is one of the greatest places that I have ever been and I cannot wait to share it with all of you through this blog!