The time has come to return back to campus. As an RA I come back two weeks before everyone else for training. However, this year I decided to come back 4 days before training started so that I could give myself enough time to adjust to being in a new environment before I had to start training. Although I am now a junior, meaning that this is my third time moving in, I still feel exactly how I felt freshmen year when I moved in for the first time. I miss my family; I miss the city and I miss always being surrounded by people who I feel fully comfortable with. At first I was a little upset with myself for feeling all these emotions because I’ve gone through this experience twice before so, I was convinced that I would be able to adjust quickly this time around. However, then I reminded myself that every time I move in I am going from one extreme to another and that it is okay if I don’t adjust right away. I have been on campus for about three weeks now and I am finally starting to feel at home. Although adjusting doesn’t get easier as the years go by, I am beyond grateful to have two very distinct places that I can call home. Although each place is different, they both offer me things that I wouldn’t gain anywhere else.

Today I am feeling grateful.