Back to School

It is always hard coming back to school after a long break. I got a month off of school and it was awesome. I got to sleep a lot more, hang out with friends and not have to do any school related activities. I was able to go to California and see my family and we went Go-cart racing and did lots of fun activities together. Christmas break definitely helps get rid of a lot of anxiety and stress you might of had from the previous semester. It is always hard having to move back into your dorm or apartment a few days before school starts. I did not like it because it meant that I would have a lot less free time in a few days. The hardest part is the first week back because you are so used to not having any responsibilities for a month and not having any homework.
What I always tell myself is that this is for my future and for my job. If I slack off and stop caring when school starts my grades will start off really bad and it will be impossible or very hard to recover. I want to get my masters in Speech Pathology and I need good grades to get into Master’s School. I use that as my motivation to come out swinging every semester and to push past that barrier of laziness. I know it is hard coming back from break and having to re-adjust yourself and get back in the swing of things but it is very important that you do not start off the semester bad. You might tell yourself that you’ll be fine, but trust me it is way harder than you think to get back on track after a bad start.
Another thing to help yourself get back into the swing of things after a long break is to be organized. The first week of school I write down everything that is due in the next month because for me I am very lazy and forgetful when I come back from break. Doing this helps me stay focused and I can see what I need to do and I will not forget any assignments. There have been countless times where I come back from break and forget to do homework because my mind is just out of it. Doing this helps me overcome all that and helps get everything done and makes the rest of the semester much smoother.