January is here and the time has come to begin completing the financial aid process. You may have heard about this part being long, stressful and scary. And to be honest, that can be true. However, it doesn’t have to be! Join us on Wednesday, January 14th at 4pm EST as we provide you with major tips and advice to use to make your financial aid completion has smooth as possible. You’ll hear from financial aid experts and get the scoop on best ways to understand and tackle the financial aid process. You’ll also hear from a current first-gen student and I’m First! blogger about their experiences with completing financial aid requirements and how its different once in college. Check out our great panelists:

  • Alexandra Rice, Nerd Wallet
  • Khalil Johnson, I’m First! blogger,  sophomore at Pitzer College
  • Gabe Reyes, I’m First! blogger, freshman at Brown University

Be sure to visit our Google+ page on Wed. January 14th at 4pm EST to watch the Hangout. See ya then!