Adulthood, Cliffs, and Criticism

Wow. This first semester really flew by. My first semester in college is done. Finito. It’s a very bittersweet joy, I can tell you that.

On one hand it’s a feeling of absolute happiness because the end of this semester is punctuated with the winter break which means THAT I CAN GO BACK HOME TO MY FAMILY (and soft bed). . That thought of returning to my family and loved ones sometimes gets me distracted from being able to study for finals.

Okay, so on the other hand as to why it is a bittersweet feeling. It’s bitter because, well, it’s the end of your first semester in college. I’m done with 1/8 of college. I’m that much closer to being a sophomore, then a junior, then a senior, and then an ADULT.

The idea of being an adult is pretty daunting for me. I liken it to standing on the edge of a very high cliff. If you look out to the horizon you’ll see millions and millions of opportunities, and avenues for growth. But then you remember you’re on a cliff, and proceed to look down. All the way down, you notice how far you’ve come. There’s an insurmountable pressure for you to find a job, move out, and get your own life. My question is, why can’t we stop to appreciate how far we’ve come, take a breather and then move on with life.

Anyway, I’m barely getting finished with my first semester of college so I’ve got time to plan and contemplate on being a fully functional adult. I’ve got so much to be reflective about right now

I’m the first in my family to go to college. It wasn’t easy. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get to where I am. All those sacrifices that me and my family had to make definitely paid off. We’re just one of many that attest to: Anything is possible if you’re willing to work for it. My family and I definitely worked for it.

Just because I’m finally attending a college does not mean that the struggle is over. In college you’re surrounded with people that are on the same playing field as you so all of the administration has very, very high standards. The administration here at Wellesley college is like an authoritative parent (Woo! Psychology vocab!). The administration demands a lot from us students but the college also makes sure that it provides the support necessary so that we can churn out the stellar essays and high scoring midterms.

My advice to anybody about to enter college would be to start learning how to constructively take criticism. Don’t be so defensive about your first draft of your essay. Your first draft is not your brain child, it’s a brainchild in progress and you need to get used to that. Take people’s criticism and turn it into a positive tool to help you build a better essay. Criticism is your friend, not your enemy intent on destroying your first draft brainchild.
I feel so wise because I’m giving out advice. Believe me, there’s more where that came from.

A year from now you’ll be the college freshman that is wrapping up the first semester. Don’t live in the future though, live in the here and now. Go wrap some Christmas presents or something. Remember to have fun because you are a human, not a zombie that does school work 24 hours a day. Leave that zombie stuff to us, the college kids, go and enjoy the winter break of your high school years.