While a senior in my high school class, I would often worry about college and if I would be prepared to handle such an intense workload. I tried to do everything that I could to stay prepared for college because I knew that it would not be a walk in the park. However, when I first started my first semester, I began to feel the weight of a college student’s workload and struggled with handling such a big level of responsibility that I was not used to in high school. Despite the challenges, I decided to not allow the feeling of being uncomfortable to hinder me from moving forward. I strived to adapt and adjust to the increased amount of work that I had to do and chose to keep moving forward, no matter what. For any first-generation high school students, if you do not always feel like you are prepared for college or wonder if you are truly ready for it, do not worry. You will eventually learn to adjust and adapt to the college environment as well as the amount of workload if you continue to work hard and put forth the effort. Nothing is impossible!

During my first semester at college, I noticed that the amount of workload was very different compared to the workload that I had in high school. I was not used to the amount of work that I had my first semester and would often feel overwhelmed. However, I knew that I had to do something about it and could not let my workload stop me from getting good grades and staying on top of things. I decided to plan out my classes and bought a planner to help me organize my homework and wrote down the tasks that I needed to get done that day. I also wrote down the due dates for when certain assignments were due, so that I know when to turn assignments in and when to get them done by. I also made sure that I organized my time and planned out when I am going to study and when I am going to have free time to do other things. Not only was planning out my time important, but scheduling appointments for office hours and signing up for tutoring has also made my academic experience better. As a result, I continued to get good grades and even made dean’s list!

To any high school students, if you do not feel prepared for college, that is okay! You will learn to adjust and adapt to the college lifestyle once you start. As a high school student, continue to plan out any assignments or activities now before you head into college. If you are struggling in your classes, reach out to your teacher and attend office hours for extra help. Seek out tutoring for your courses if needed and continue to put forth your best effort. You may not see it now, but all your efforts will pay off one day. To get a taste of what college may be like in high school, consider taking AP classes or dual enrollment to earn any college credits before you graduate from high school. By doing this, it can help you limit the number of classes that you have to take when you are an undergraduate and as a result, you could possibility graduate earlier. Remember, if you are taking the necessary steps now in high school by planning out your classes, taking the time out to study and prioritize, as well as reaching out to your teachers when you need it, you will be in great shape when you start your experience as a college student.