This is it, the beginning of my Junior Spring semester. I showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed to my 8:30 am (God help me) class. How did I attain this glow you may ask? Well here’s my secret: by DOING NOTHING.

My last fall semester was packed with upper level Biology and Chemistry classes so I was more than a little ready to rest and regroup during break. Just to give you an idea of how ready I was, (because we all appreciate some mental visualization, right?) I was running on two hours of sleep when I got off the plane in LA (Home! Home!, read that in ET’s voice). I could barely walk from the exhaustion. Naturally, my mother was horrified by my appearance and prescribed me unlimited sleep and even more unlimited amount of home-cooked food (YASSSS). I was all for that, because, you know… we can never say no to our mamas.

Word travels quick in my family, so my aunts and cousins were on board with feeding me an endless menu of my favorite foods. In fact, one of my favorite cousins made me my my favorite and special tortilla soup (this is why he’s my favorite. Kidding!). It sort of felt like that “Be my guest,” scene in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I was lovin’ it.

But see, here is the thing. Some people might give you shade for doing a lot of nothing during winter break. It would be the “prime time” for Winterships. Ha. Yeah, maybe for some people but not for me. I am human and not a robot. My breaks are BREAKS and I respect them because I love myself. So please don’t let peers bully you into looking for an internship or job. Resting is not a waste of time. I mean, do you really want to start the semester burned out and tired? Now, don’t get me wrong. If you are the kind of person who loves to ride on the constant productivity stream, then more power to you. All I’m saying is do what makes YOU happy.