A few months ago I found myself in a scary place that many of you high school readers may find yourselves in a few months. I found myself in a classic scary-sweet moment; I had received my acceptance letter from my dream school (sweet) but I did not have enough money to afford it (scary!!!). I had applied for countless scholarships, and I had received a few, but it still wasn’t enough. Once I realized how much money I did not have, I panicked. Not only did I not have enough money for my dream school, I did not have enough for any of the schools I had been accepted to. I started to think that I might even have to take a semester off to work and save money for college.  I told my mother my plan and she laughed. She told me not to worry, to pray, and to keep applying for scholarships. She assured me that everything would work out.  I heeded my mother’s advice and everything worked out. With the help of several book awards and scholarships, including the Center of Opportunity Scholarship, I was able to fund my college education for my freshman year. With increasing tuition and fees, I find myself in this scary situation again. I will again apply my mother’s advice and I hope you can apply her advice to your lives as well. Life is full of scary moments but it is full of even more sweet ones. Good luck on your college journeys and Happy Halloween!!!