As this is my third year in college, I was thinking about the expectations I’d had versus the reality.

College is definitely different than I had pictured it to be. I had pictured going out lot with friends, being very active in clubs, and just being able to juggle the different aspects of my life a lot better. This year I barely joined an organizational and I have not even been able to attend a meeting yet due to the course load and such that I am dealing with.

It’s been difficult to manage my time efficiently and is still something I struggle with. For the most part I have gotten better at managing my time with my classes but I still need more work on my time outside of class. Money is always a difficulty (duh, it’s college!) but I didn’t think it would be as big of a deal as it is.

Despite all of this, I could never regret it because it has helped me to find my passion and meet some really great people!