Well, hello again everyone. I daresay an apology is in order, as this is only my second post since I started my freshman year at UGA last August. The truth of the matter is, college was even more hectic than I expected. However, the good news is that I made it through. Because I still have a month left for summer vacation, and work is slow right now, I’m going to try and re-live my freshman year for your benefit. I assume there will be a fair share of readers who will begin their own freshman story next month. If you are living in a dorm, as I did, then you certainly have an adventure ahead of you. Over the next year, you are going to have your privacy infiltrated, stumble upon awkward moments, and you are going to question everything you thought you knew about yourself. Living in a dorm, in my inexperienced opinion, is sort-of kind-of like basic training in the military. You are sleep-deprived, forced to commit swarms of information to memory, and the people you bunk with are your best friends and worst enemies. My advice for living in a dorm, (prepare for the cliche), is to be yourself 100{53c6eff5ce19621f7316832cfedf08caab022021f1679c62c3f44b8900ceaf72}. College is a time to find yourself, however corny that might be. Some of you may claim that you already know “who” you are. That will change. For now, when you meeting your roommate and hall mates, just be courteous and friendly. You will be drawn to certain people, just as they will be drawn to you. Don’t worry about not seeming “cool.” That was for high school. Also, one last thing. Give your RA food. It’s not an obvious, “Hi, I’m trying to bribe you,” and it also gives them the notion that you are a kind-hearted person. That broken ceiling tile just might get overlooked. Until next time.