Hello everyone! I hope that the beginning of the semester is treating everyone well.

As another Valentine’s Day passes, I am reminded of how appreciative I am for some great people and things in my life. Therefore, I would like to dedicate this post to all of the wonderful things about college that I love.

First, the freedom. The newfound ability to divide my time up how I please is excellent, no matter how cliche it sounds. I will never get tired of being able to walk to my favorite restaurant’s at any time I please!

Second, the people. Through campus organizations that I have joined, I have met so many amazing people. Although I still miss plenty of my friends from my hometown, my time in Charleston has introduced me to a number of people that have made my first year in college a very memorable experience.

Thirdly, the city. Speaking of Charleston, it is such a cool place. The campus is (literally) historic. The city is historic! It is a great feeling to know that every day, I will wake up and never grow tired of seeing an ugly building. This city is beautiful. Combined with its open-endedness… I will never grow tired of this city!

My college experience has been such an enjoyable time so far and I can definitively say… I love college!