This article is published in the 2014 I’m First Guide to College

A Women’s College Might Be for You

 By Susan E. Lennon

Why does this matter in your education and in your college search? Finding the right fit in a college is all about you. Why might a women’s college be the right fit for you? Take a look at what matters in college—because what matters in college matters after college. And it matters in the college selection process.

Women’s colleges are focused on you —your dreams and aspirations, your education, your personal and professional development for the many different roles you will assume in life, and your advancement in the ever-changing global economy. Each women’s college has its own distinctive identity and culture.

From the east coast to the west coast, from the Midwest to the south, women’s colleges are in the hearts of cities and deep in the country. Students come from all socioeconomic, ethnic, racial and religious groups, from across the country and around the world. What women’s college have in common is an unequivocal commitment to your education and advancement.

Research shows that a women’s college education:

  • Enables students to engage with top faculty and resources.
  • Creates leaders, communicators, and persuaders.
  • Develops critical skills for life and career.
  • Proves its value over a lifetime. Take a look at women’s colleges—they’re about you!

Susan E. Lennon is the President of the Women’s College Coalition, an association of women’s colleges and universities—public and private, independent and church-related, two- and four-year—in the United States and Canada whose primary mission is the education and advancement of women.