Thank you, Adversity.

Alex Montes (University of Rochester ’15) talks about what he’s thankful for this year for his I’m First! Scholarship Blog.

Minty Fresh at Michigan State

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re meeting new people, and your cheeks ache from the incessant smiling and talking that you’ve had to do?  Add cold fingers and toes to the stiff cheeks and you’ve nearly summed up my current situation.  As I sit and type...

Giving Thanks!

Giving Thanks! Sometimes, due to the stress of classes, exams, and any other extra curricular activities that we are apart of, it is easy to forget what a wonderful and privileged opportunity we have in front of us. As college students, especially first generation...


Here’s my short blog on my adjustment to college. I explain my view on homesickness, who I’ve stayed in contact with, and my new job 🙂