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Happy New Year!

I've thought long and hard about what this New Year could bring advice wise. I'll be starting my second semester of my junior year.. so it isn't like there is a new start to the year, more like a return. Along the lines of resolutions, there is always the typical...

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Winter Wonder

My favorite time of year is here and I am loving it! December has been a crazy month. I am currently taking a winter mini class so I haven't been able to fully enjoy my winter break. However, I still have been enjoying this wonderful season! I was able to take a break...

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Not all who goes have a place to return to.

Not all who goes have a place to return to. Maybe that is what makes the holidays such a bitter-sweet time. At the end of the semester, trimester, or block plan, everyone is rushing to get off campus. Most of our friends and peers are excited to return home and to be...

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Finishing Senior Year of High School Strong

The first half of my junior year in college at the University of Houston is over. Academically, this was one of my best semesters yet. I spent most of my time next to my computer submitting assignments because I decide to take most of my classes on-line. There is...

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A Much Needed Christmas Break

Yesterday, I got something for Christmas that I wanted this past semester which is quality time with my father back in New York City. I didn’t have a long gift list this year as all I wanted were the experiences of spending time with my father watching football games....

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Holiday Blogging

Just made it past the first term of my third year. It is crazy how fast time passes. As I reflect on the time that has passed, I am grateful for all of my experiences but at the same time I am looking forward to the future. So far, completing this engineering degree...

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Lovin’ it

College can consist of various situations, but often times it's just another rollercoaster in your life with different speeds and bumps along the way. While college has it's ups and downs, it also carries lots of love! In honor of Valentine's Day, I have taken a time...

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Making the Impossible Possible

Imagine you are finally admitted to the school of your choice. Finally all the hours you spent preparing for the SAT/ ACT, writing essays, filling out college applications, studying to earn decent grades. Finally all that time has paid off because you got admitted to...

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Thanks to you

It’s been almost four years. Wow has time passed! In just five months, I’ll be walking the stage with my diploma and I still can’t believe it. Yet, this academic and personal journey wasn’t easy. To put it into perspective, I traveled 1,400 miles away from home to...

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