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Time Management 101

So, I’m at Harvard University. I have perfect time management skills, I’m some super-genius, and I got a 2600 on the SAT. Extra points for being awesome, of course. In my spare time, I rescue starving children in Africa. I wrote my first paper and got a A+ on it. I...

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WHAT? College time already?

Amazing. That was one of my first impressions of college. College has been something that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time and now that I’m here, I love it. I’m also very proud to be here since I’m the first one in my family to ever attend college. I’ve...

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Officially Chirping

Glancing at the familiar faces in the dining hall, a peaceful emotion settled in my heart.  This was becoming my home, and I was okay with that.  More than okay really…I was thankful to be here.  Each day, realization hits me that I am in college, successfully...

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Check out Khadijah on Oprah!

Khadijah appeared on The Oprah Show, "Don't Stop Believing," Monday, October 5 and shared her tremendous story of rising from Skid Row to attend Harvard. Check out these links: Khadijah's Journey to Harvard University Video Khadijah's Journey: Skid Row to Harvard...

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100 Miles & Runnin

I tried to think of what to say to the readers of this blog at first I was going to be specific and target the seniors, but after a draft I figured my message can be applied to everyone. I remember October senior year, and now it’s a year later and I’m in college...

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Something Different…Life

Fresh air, a new environment, and the future awaited me. I arrived at school several days before classes actually started.  The adjustment wasn’t too hard. Everything was just how I imagined. The people were friendly, full of activities, and most of all I fit in. This...

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Hello Reality…Goodbye Fantasy

All the packing and shopping had paid off; it was move-in day. I was officially a college student! I had everything packed strategically in the car. My brother asked, “Is this all going to fit?” I replied with a shrug of my shoulders. Being the first in my family to...

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Life inside the Purple Bubble

“Welcome to the next best four years of your life: College.” I drove 21 hours to finally arrive at the “purple bubble,” one of the smallest, yet best liberal arts colleges in the nation. As I approached my dorm, Williams Hall, my mind was flooded with the reality at...

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I Made It HERE??

My mom wasn't able to finish grade school because she had to help out in the fields of her small rancho in Mexico. She came to America to give her family hope for something better and after everything we have been through together, I just hope to make her proud by...

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