As a student Freshman year, I decided to take a position as an on-campus tour guide. This job has been such an amazing blessing! I have been able to meet other students here around campus, getting to improve my speaking skills, and getting to interact with pro-staff who work in admissions. The best thing about having an on-campus job is that it is super accessible from where I live, it is also great because they work around your class schedule and know that you are a student first, and are very accommodating of when you have exams or need extra time to complete an assignment. I know some of my friends who have gotten a job off-campus and can still find time to manage their class schedules and make sure that they are getting to work on time and getting the hours that they want. There really is a way to balance work, hanging out with friends, and doing your schoolwork while still having some time to unwind. Overall, I feel that having an on-campus job has been a great benefit because I get to meet a ton of new people and make some extra spending money that I can use for off-campus shopping or getting food. I definitely recommended contacting your school’s career center and working with them to find an on-campus job or an off-campus job!