The end of the semester is a fun yet stressful time. We all know the stress of finals, having to pack up and figure out when you are going on, your standings in your courses, where you will be spending the break from school, and etc. However, not many people know of the fun that comes with the end of the semester, typical fun is no longer having classes,  last minute times hanging with your friends, or group study sessions on reading day. At my school we have our own little tradition to kick off finals on a good note its known as the Late Night Exam Breakfast, where on the first night of exams we have a breakfast for dinner and there is karaoke, a good time, and the faculty and staff serve you.

For me finals was an interesting time this go around, I was nervous about a few exams and confident in others and I was not so confident in my abilities once I received my grades, but then I remembered, I tried my best and I can continue to improve. There is always a rough educational patch, but its not how rough that patch is but how we recover and learn from it.Every final season has its up and its downs, but regardless you will make it through! If your scores are not what you expected it is also okay, it becomes a learning moment for your next semester and gives you a new insight on what does or does not work for your learning style. An end of one semester and the beginning of a new one is a time for you to reflect and set goals for you to accomplish.

You did your best and that’s what matters! Keep it up you got this and you’ll make it through!