Most college students eagerly await any break they can get from college. They are overjoyed to go home to see their family and friends, but is that how everyone feels? I am here to tell you that if you don’t feel that way, you aren’t alone. Of course like most other students I am thrilled for a break from homework and exams, but that doesn’t mean I want to spend that time in my hometown. As I posted earlier, I spent my summer in my college town so I usually take these week or so breaks to go home. The problem is… it doesn’t feel like home anymore. I like seeing my family for approximately a day and then I am ready to get back to my own space. Now it is different when it comes to my friends. I absolutely love spending time with them and am extremely grateful when I get to. I find myself, however, asking them to come visit my apartment to hang out instead if limiting ourselves to my home town. This winter break I spent only a couple days at home before I decided I needed a break from my break. I ended up spending the rest of my time with my friend’s family and was beyond excited to come back to my apartment and roommate. As I get older my idea of relaxing has changed, I still want to spend it with friends, but I also want to spend it where I made a home. I still find it important to see your family for the holidays and remind yourself how much they love and support you, but it is also okay to want to spend your time in the new life that you built for yourself.