It’s that time of the year again, course registration. This is when the hustle and bustle begins. Meetings with advisers and talking with friends trying to figure out which classes will be enjoyable and what you need. I have a bit of a unique situation with the fact that I am graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in three years instead of four. In saying this my registration can be a little more hectic than others. I am a social work major and a criminal justice minor so I have two advisers that I need to meet and coordinate with. My first meeting was with my criminal justice adviser and we talked about the opportunity to take classes over the summer and how a couple of my requirements would overlap with my social work meaning I could take out two birds with one stone. Another topic we touched on during our meeting was the opportunity to go on a service trip. My school has a trip that is going down to San Diego to meet with kids that are transitioning out of the foster care system. In learning about this opportunity I signed up for the trip in a heartbeat. Next, I met with my social work adviser who ensured me that I am on the right track to graduating on time. Having strong connections with my advisers has proven to open up opportunities (such as the service trip), and is also beneficial because they will keep you in mind when hearing of scholarships or internship opportunities. I have learned through my advising meetings that the more you open up to them and are honest with your advisers the more you will get out of college, the more opportunities and one of a kind experiences.

*PS I know I didn’t meet my goal of my last post… better luck next time.