During the fall the leaves change and fall off, typically think things die or end. However that is not the case here. We enjoy the change, even celebrate it. During late October there is a festival called ‘The Turning of the Maples’ here we lounge around the Quad and celebrate the new season that comes with so many new experiences. Typically there are maple shaped cookies, hot cider, and music to bring everyone together. When I think back to my first Turning of the Maples I was afraid and scared, but it was so much fun. That day I met new friends and got to hang out with old friends. When I think back to that day, I realized how nice it was to go out and have a social life.

Balancing social life and academic life, is quite the challenge but it is worth it. Last semester I barely had time for friends let alone myself. I did not know what to do, it seemed as if I had lost my friends and my sanity at the same time, I really only had time for class, some meals, and sleep if I got that. That lifestyle produced my first C of my college career, which was pretty understandable in retrospect. Recently I have found a better way to balance life and school/work, which is never really a thing a person can perfect but just enhance and adjust for where they are in life.  For me, my enhancement was that for this semester I planned my classes so I would have a bit more free time, at least during the day for lunch with friends. This small change has helped immensely, just from having that break and a moment with friends almost daily I feel as if I can function and I am supported by those around me.

Many think that you can do it all by yourself, even me, but we are creatures that need social interaction and without it things can get a bit rocky. So if possible try to find your balance, or something close enough to it so you wont go insane. Plan things out even if it is scheduling in time to see your friends or time to recharge. It is quite simple to use an app like Google Calendar to schedule different things throughout your day and share it with your friends, I do it as well with my friends to keep the balance.

It may not be easy but you got this,

Anitra Griffin