Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. The air becomes crisp, the leaves start to change colors and I get to bring out all the long sleeves and scarves. There are some beautiful and peaceful places on campus that helps me relax and really focus on what I need to accomplish. Sometimes I sit outside near the fountain and read through my chapters for the week or do homework that need to get done. Sitting under the trees in the crisp air, while the wind blows and watching the leaves blow, is very calming for me and helps me concentrate.

Besides studying and just going from school to home, I have been trying to get involved in more actives and join more clubs. Our school puts together a lot of activities for us students, which I think is a great way to help us connect to one and other and help us distress from our classes and homework. I attend yoga which the school offers for us and I have met a lot of great friends. I have had a hard time catching up with old friends because we all have gone our separate ways and we are doing our own things. I know that when the semester begins to calm down or we go on break, we will all get back together.