Years: How has your perception of college changed over the last couple of years, compared to when you were a high school student? Perception v. reality? Were there any surprises about college that you did not account for? What have been your biggest challenges (i.e. time management, juggling work and school, lack of money) thus far, and how did you overcome them? Has college helped you in finding your passions, major, or potential career options?

When I was in high school the thing I was excited for the most in college was freedom. No one to tell me what to do all the time, what I had to eat, or where I had to be. I learned very quickly that freedom is not all it’s imagined to be. With freedom you also have to have discipline, or else you might miss your 8am class too often, or eat too many of those Wendy’s 4 for 4’s. Time management was something I had to learn quickly. I had never had to plan out my studying before, especially becuase in high school my homework was not heavy reading like my college classes. I tried to use a giant calendar but it wasn’t very helpful. Next I tried just a small planner the next semester and it still wasn’t enough. I don’t remember how it was suggested to me, but I found Google Calendar and decided to use it for planning my classes and my life. I can honestly say that without Google Calendar I wouldn’t be able to function. Especially now, as a senior, being the president of my organization, taking a full courseload, and working, it has really helped with my time management and planning.