This past summer, I spent it at PayPal working as a Full Stack Software Engineering Intern. It was a tough learning experience as I was thrown into a new world but I am overall grateful for the experience. This internship was very technical and it allowed me to build upon my technical skillset. Being in Silicon Valley was another experience in itself. The culture was vibrant and constantly changing. I felt as if each experience provided me something new to learn. My summers are much different now that I am college. For the past three summers, I have only done internships. I have done one at the Wharton School in U Penn my freshman year, one at Bank of America’s technology headquarters in sophomore year, and one at PayPal in San Jose this summer. Going into my senior year, I feel as if I got this but at the same time, there is always that nervousness that creeps in as new experiences await. With the help of the I’m First Scholarship, funding my secondary education has been possible. I know that as time progresses I must keep on looking to the future. Being a senior has allowed me to become more and more nostalgic but at the same time I look ahead to the future with excitement. my interests change and I have grown older but one thing that is constant is my need to constantly learn. That is a constant in the past three years I have spent so far in college.