Wow! I woke up this morning with the buzz of senior year in my ears. The last 3 years swished and tumbled by. This past summer, I had time to reflect on a couple nagging worries that snagged my excitement for this year.

The first worry was about my schedule after pre-registration. I was conflicted about adding calculus to my schedule when I haven’t had a proper year-long math course since senior year of high school. I took a semester of statistics to satisfy requirement–before the requirement was amped up. I needed to take calculus for an earth physics course but I decided to drop both and pick up a computer science and also squeeze in my thesis independent 3 credit block. So, that worked out, thank goodness. In the complexity of dropping classes for the first time, it was refreshingly simple. I felt relieved afterwards in terms of nervousness for the year; like I got a grip and became more in control. Part of me is still bummed that I couldn’t handle those courses for my senior year. I felt ready for the physics but not the math. However, I also haven’t taken a physics course in about the same amount of forever. It was a constant back and forth but I made the ultimate decision and I am happy. My Wednesdays and Fridays opened up and I was able to pick up an aerobics class along with my pilates. Schedule = satisfactory.

The second is about work and getting the hours needed to keep up rent payments along with other bills. I got a new job at the gym and its paying off. I have two two-hour shifts a week and can sub as they open. More stable than other jobs on campus I’ve had. I’m also working two other jobs, recycling and house manager for the college theater. Together, when theatre season really kicks up, I feel like I could get enough hours. I am also still gardening on the side. I am just hoping to find something that can fill in the cracks of my schedule because it is so broken. Still in progress. I am looking around campus still for more jobs.

Other than those top two, college life has really taken a 180 since freshman year. I can remember so clearly the dorm feeling and campus buzz being my main interest. Now, I am renting a house with my two best friends and we just returned from a shopping trip for a utensil holder for the oven. The house is beautiful and my living situation couldn’t be any better. I miss the dining hall so much at times, though.

I am shopping for books atm. I did some comparisons of the student bookstore, Chegg, and Barnes and Nobles. In the end, Chegg has the cheaper textbook prices and the student bookstore had other books at a better used price. And I’m not sure how quickly I’ll be needing. The predicament is I havn’t had the class my books are for, so I am not sure which is reading earlier, last, or even if readings will be skipping around. I will end up getting them tomorrow to just avoid the confusion all together. College and semi-adulthood is challenging; I’m learning as I go.

Happy rest of the week!~~