Hello I’m First Family,

My summer is finally over and senior year of college is finally here. This summer I spent most of my time in a classroom. I made this decision because I realized that I was not going to meet the prerequisites for a class which I was enrolled for in Fall 2018. Taking the time to take these classes over the summer allowed me to stay on track to graduating college in 4 years. Compared to a regular semester, I was able to really focus on those classes I took in the summer since I only took one per month of summer. This experience taught me that it is always a great idea to visit your college advisor before signing for classes. This can help you better plan out your classes and keep you on track to graduate on time.

Now what is ahead for me? In the upcoming classes I will be starting the process of gathering materials for applying to dietetic internships which I need to complete in order to pursue the career path I want. This means I will balancing classes, internship applications, and a part time job. I am dedicating this whole year to making sure that I am setting my self up for success for my life after college. For me that means getting accepted into a dietetic internship, so I can become a registered dietitian. I will keep you guys posted on this and about how my senior year goes.