Today is the first day of the new semester. I am finally a senior! I’m extremely excited to be that much closer to finishing school. Today went by pretty slowly; I went in to my first class and went over the syllabus and was followed by a 3 hour break until my next class. I was able to meet up with some friends and catch up, then I went into my next class and did the same thing as the first. I was very fortunate that the class time I wanted opened back up, so now I have my classes back to back instead of a big gap that leaves me to drive home during prime traffic.

I am really set on staying focused this year and ensuring I graduate by the summer. I was set back a bit by changing my major but the summer will give me a chance to catch back up so I don’t fall too far behind. Tonight I am committing to getting down all my due dates and getting a head start on reading my chapters as well as interacting with my homework.

I am hoping all will go well.


Best wishes,