School starts in 2 weeks- this should be my last year (if all goes as planned!) and then I will graduate in the summer. This summer was spent taking a class and working. Nothing too exciting, unfortunately, but I finally found a job that I truly enjoy! I am a receptionist at a private swimming school for children. I have been there for about a month and my coworkers and managers are all terrific. My managers are truly flexible with my school schedule and my doctor appointments which I had not found at any of the other jobs I had. It’s incredibly important to find a job that is willing to work with your schedule. School is the first priority always.

I’m ready to start school and get done with it. It has been an incredibly long journey and while it has definitely dragged, I am glad that I have persevered and am in the final round. There were certainly many times where I have wanted to quit (even now I feel the temptation), but it is an incredibly important journey to take.