The semester is finally over and I can finally relax! I could feel a huge sigh of relief reign out throughout my campus when finals week ended.
After my last final I had to move everything out of my dorm for the summer. This year was the worst experience for me in terms of moving; I think it’d because the dorm I had this year was apartment style which means I had to buy more items (for the restroom and kitchen) to stock it properly which was a big pain to move.

Whenever school is stressing me out, whether it be from homework, tests, meetings, etc., I always try to remember the feeling I got when I received my acceptance letter. I applied to many different schools, ones that were more realistic prospects than others, and actually University of Houston was not my top choice originally. I had really wanted to go to Rice University and even applied early decision, I completely had my whole heart set on attending that school. Unfortunately, I was denied admission. I was so devastated by the decision that I didn’t have any other school that I was nearly as excited about. Through my counselor, we explored other options and I decided to attend UH and then transfer over. However, when after my freshman year of college I had really started to thrive in the environment at UH that I decided to stay.

Basically, even if thing do not go your way, doesn’t mean that the situation won’t get better and possibly even better than you planned. Just keep pushing forward and keep your head up!

Until next time,