In between preparing for finals, I have been actively searching for jobs outside of campus. I also have to be thinking how I will be spending my summer. The main take that I have learned from going through this is to always have a plan. This has helped me set goals for myself.

As a junior in college, I have to be thinking how my resume will reflect my interest in the career I will be going into. It is never to early to start planing for what you want your resume to reflect about you. It can be a challenge to land the position that you are interested in applying for when you have no prior exposure to the type of work environment in that area. During this first semester of my junior year I spent my weekends working at the Medical Center in Houston. I wanted to begin working in this setting because that is where I see myself after finishing my bachelors degree. One thing that I wan to work on is diversifying my resume. This can help you learn different skill sets. I am currently in the process of applying to different positions. One thing to keep in mind about working off campus is that you are a student first. You have to make sure that you understand that, so you do not jeopardize your studies. This is the reason why I only work weekends. The school work load and responsibilities can become stressful quickly if you are not managing your time wisely. To help you get used to the routine of work and school you can try to work on campus first before you move outside of campus.

For some students working is not really possible because they just have an extreme amount of work load to do and not enough time in the day to get it all done. This does not mean that these students are doing something wrong. I remember I took a whole year off working, so I could focus on my studies and organizations I was involved on campus. Also some students may decide they want to take classes in the summer. What ever you choose to do, make sure that your plan lines up with your end goals.