Senior year is almost coming to an end! It’s been an amazing four years at the ‘ever better’ campus here in Rochester and can’t wait for what the next chapter holds. Recently, there’s been several interviews coming my way and some questions I’ve received have made me think about the future. For example, “Where do you see yourself five years from now?” and “How do you plan to achieve these goals?”. These questions have made me reflect on myself and think about what I hope to accomplish short and long term.

With my experiences through school and industry, I have been able to narrow my passions a bit. I still love mechanical design and have recently been interested in manufacturing. However, in either area, I hope to grow within an established company and become a leader. Either an engineering manager or part of the executive suite, I hope to make a difference within the company and help strive to make it even better.

Now, with several interviews I’ve been in, there’s a lot of research that was done beforehand. Glassdoor is one of my favorite resources I’ve been using. Not only can you see the reputation of a company, but also interview questions! It has been extremely helpful to know what to kind of expect before an interview so you’re prepared. Aside from this, I’ve utilized our career center to learn more about interview tips/tricks as well as talk to my peers. Your network could be the greatest resource out there! I’ve spoken to friends who have now graduated and work in industry and have given me the best advice out there.

With only a few months left of undergrad, I hope all goes well! My future job might just be around the corner!