2018 is here and the Spring semester is in full swing! School has only been in session for one full week and I’m already waiting for the end of the semester. I only have one more year so I am really ready to be done. I had a great winter break, enjoyed time with my loved ones. I went to go and visit my family and finally was able to meet my nephew! I can’t wait for spring back so I can go back and see everyone again.

This semester I am really looking forward to joining clubs now that I (finally) narrowed down what I am interested in. This week will be a little busy for me in terms of going to meetings but I hope I get a lot out of it. I also want to keep my focus on my assignments and stop procrastinating so much! It’s a terrible habit I’m trying to break but am attempting to by taking some time each day to go into each class I am in and read the chapters.

Another thing I’m trying to do this year is transition into a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been exercising more (not as often as I’d like but I’ll get there) and making swaps in my diet. It hasn’t been very easy but I feel a lot better about myself and can’t wait to see where I’m at in a few months.

Here’s to hoping this semester will be great one!