I had a flashback today, back to last year: my sophomore year. It happened as I was looking at classes for next semester for pre-registration that’s coming up for Whitman.

My major is geology-environmental studies. Ever since my first semester freshman year, I loved geology. I took an intro course first semester and another introductory level second semester. Then I kept geology classes into my scope of interest for classes because I really enjoyed the subject. Freshman year me, however, wouldn’t know that I chose to major in geology. I know I wanted to go into the sciences, but vaguely; this was why I suffered through General Chemistry for a year because all science majors must complete the course (I was very glad at this though. people who didn’t realize they wanted to go into sciences waited to take the course under a sophomore or junior course load… and that’s significantly harder.)

Anyway, it’s a requirement at Whitman to declare your major before the end of your sophomore year. Although, I was convinced I should declare early so I can start on my credits. But taking with upperclassmen and my pre-major advisor, they suggested waiting and that declaring early didn’t effect anything much. So, my procrastination was triggered by this advice, unfortunately, and I waited till the very last call for major declaration before the end of sophomore year. Choosing classes, I was strategic in considering what classes went towards prerequisites for upper level geology classes so when I declared, I could start as soon with core classes.

This all came in a flow for me though. I naturally gravitated towards geology because I truly felt a real passion for it. And I still do, I’m excited for all the upper level electives available to me senior year. And,  I am a class away from finished with all core classes by the end of my junior year.

On the contrary, my boyfriend also declared geology. But he switched his major over the summer because of how much he questioned if he really wanted to pursue geology. I was confused at this, because I’m infatuated and whatnot, but I understood. Without a love for general confusion on a daily basis, the natural sciences include many disciplines under chemistry, engineering, physics, and math, it’s hard to follow the passion. That wasn’t his fave feeling, and he was actually gravitating towards a major in History when he looked at his class history (lol.).

Registering for fall classes went differently for him since he had reconsider his class requirements. But this didn’t phase him, loved his choices for registration and he loves the classes he chose because feels much more comfortable handling a history major than a geology major. It worked out.

For those of you in the maze of figuring out a major, it is okay to have no clue when coming into college. And your mind will change is you are not enjoying the classes you thought you might have because it bores you and then there will be this moment where you see a class and think “oh I wanna take that.” And then you look further into the classes offered and think “wow! I’d really like to go to all of these.”