A couple of months have gone by and I am here I am, writing one last blog!

As of May 20th, 2017, I, Brenda Angulo, graduated from Trinity Washington University with a degree in Psychology and minor in Education. It only seemed fair to share with you guys a little bit of my experience. I could not write it all for I would not finish today. However, I will share with you the most important and special moments of that day.

First and for most, the day of graduation my family and I woke up really early so that they could get some nice seats for the ceremony. As I got to the University, I went to O’Connor Auditorium, here my colleagues and I were going to get our caps, gowns, and hoods on in order to be ready for our procession. We waited a while until we could proceed to our seats. Meanwhile, I tried to think about everything that I had learned through the last four years… I couldn’t really remember all at that moment. But one thing I knew! I was getting out of school with more skills than I went it. I was leaving Trinity with a vast amount of knowledge and experiences that I had never imagined.

Once the ceremony had started and the _______ initiated prayer, I started crying. I cried because it was hard to believe that graduation was really taking place and also because everything that the _______ prayed for was very valuable to me. Once I sat down and I saw my professors sitting in front of me, I felt overwhelmed. Not only had they helped in my learning, but I had had the most fascinating conversations with them, and here I was leaving in order to continue in this journey we call life.

The people that I invited to graduation were the most important in my life, that is, my family and most intimate friends. I not only got to where I was primarily because of God, and my efforts, but also because of them. They were my support throughout college.

After graduation, my family and I had a celebration at my cousin’s house. It was a small celebration, but the most important people attended, and shared with us that special moment. We had food, music, a PHOTO STAND, preaching, and many speeches of thanks 🙂 . It was overall a very special day.

Before I got out of school, I had gotten a job at one of the internships that Trinity offered. After graduation and three days after my paid internship was over, I started my new full-time job! Life could not have been better! God has been so good. All the hard-work paid off.

As of now, I am happy where I am at this point of my life. Yet, this is not where I wish to stay. My goal is to pursue a Ph.D and have expertise in the Psychology field.

As for you who are considering college or are in college, it is all very worth it! Especially when you are the first in your family to graduate! It will mean a lot not only to you and your family, but your future generations.

Wishing you always the best,


May God bless you guys!


Thanks I’m First and Strive For College for being a part of all of this!