During Colorado College’s Admitted Student Open House, an admitted student who I was playing ping pong with asked me, “If you don’t make friends during your first week of college, are you doomed?” I looked confusedly at her and thought to myself why would you be doomed if you didn’t make any friends during the first week of college… but this is a legitimate concern.

I have forgotten that as an incoming freshman, I was also concerned about how I was going to make friends. I was worried about that because I don’t watch any American t.v. series, haven’t read Harry Potter and have never skied. I talked to my College Possible coach about this before coming to college and she told me that I don’t need to have those experiences to make friends. Perhaps watching Grey’s Anatomy or Orange is the New Black can connect me to another person, but if that is the only connection, then what does friend mean there?

Did I make friends during my first week of college? No.

Was my life over because I didn’t make any friends during the first week? No.

During New Student Orientation, I met a lot of people who I enjoyed getting to know, but they were not my friends. Friends are people who I can be myself unapologetically with. Friends are those who value who I am and challenge me to be a better me.  I didn’t meet these people until the end of my first year and even until this year! I know that as I continue another two years at CC, my friendships will continue to deepen and expand.