Spring break! Always the time to lay and relax, but the deadlines are approaching rapidly that I can barely have some time do so.

So, I have always been a big believer that you can find the right balance for everything—and you can find the right balance when it comes to academics and having fun. This week, it is spring break for everyone at Brandeis and I have come home in New York City.

I brought with me a lot of work, this year, unlike the previous ones, I have early deadlines coming my way. Yes, I have three final papers due the week before finals’ week even commences and I am quite afraid that it becomes too much to handle. Hence, I decided to begin from now working on them before it is too late.

Yet, I wanted to tell you all that do not forget to also find some time for yourself. During this break, I have found ways to go out and grab a meal with a friend, spend time with family, watch a movie or catch up on your favorite TV series, go on a date, do whatever you feel like doing. Being a college student is already stressful enough and you have to find ways to sort of stop and smell the flowers for once.

Looking back at everything I have accomplished throughout these two years, I feel lucky and proud about everything I have done—just last month I got a merit scholarship from Brandeis worth of $20K, which mostly signifies that my student loans will decrease for an 85{53c6eff5ce19621f7316832cfedf08caab022021f1679c62c3f44b8900ceaf72}. And I feel that sense of accomplishment, but also that weariness of wanting to take a deserved break.

And I have to say that this semester has been less of a stress, but it is because I got rid of a few responsibilities that I was not happy dealing with anymore. I had joy in pursuing what I was pursuing in the previous semesters, but this semester I wanted to focus primarily on me. Sometimes you have to be selfish and put yourself first, otherwise, you are just going to be a cranky person for most of the time. We all need to work on ourselves, sooner or later.

And speaking about working on myself, yes, aside from academics, I have had a few internship interviews. This week I had two and next week I am coming back to New York, while missing class, for another interview. My tip is that it is better not to miss class, but this is a company that is worth your attention and time, which serves as the valid excuse to miss class—if you have to, do it. It will be worth in the long run. Make sure to catch up whatever you miss from those classes.

All the sacrifices that I am making at the moment, will be worth in the future, so it is not a big deal to not have my spring break completely ruined. Try to make the wisest decisions in college, this is your future and you are paying for all this.

I would like to keep chatting, but essays and article to be read are calling me. Wish me luck! And I will wish you luck too in deciding the college you will like to attend. I understand it is decisions month and it may be a stressful month. Pick the school that aligns better with your goals, that has a strong department in whatever is that you’re interested, where there is diversity, acceptance, and that’s financial convenient for you. Make sure to have all those factors in mind before making the final and important decision. I am sure you will all make the right decision in the end!


Santiago Montoya