Being in college has given me a different outlook on how I manage my finances. Socially, I wouldn’t say that my financial situation has affected me much. I would say that my financial situation has allowed me to see things from a different lens. I am still the same Dave ¬†that came into college a year ago but now in regards to finances, I am more observant. I am a frugal person and seeing how expensive college is has made me become more conservative in regards to how I spend my money. I will occasionally treat myself after working hard or if something is a necessity I will get it. My main focus is to make sure that I do what I need to do to get my degree from my university. If I have to spend to that I will, but other stuff like going out to the movies weekly and eating lavishly every day is something I can do without. I have more than enough to get by. In regards to money saving tips, I would say just save for a rainy day and think about the long term. Yes those $500, sneakers may be great now but why don’t you instead go for a cheaper pair of sneakers and put some of that money away for a rainy day. Another advice I’d give is for books. DO NOT SPEND all that money on getting physical copies of the book when you can rent them, find pdf’s and get a used copy. I’ve saved a good amount doing so. College really teaches you how to be frugal and adapt!