With finals almost over, I cannot wait to actually appreciate the holidays! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and it always makes me so excited!!

It’s hard to foucs on the holiday cheer when you’re enduring late nights trying to cram a whole semester’s worth of knowledge back into your head for one last test. On the bright side, it feels great knowing that class will soon be over and done with!

My school actually does pretty well at helping students cope with the stress of finals. They provide longer hours for the food places on campus, have stress relief dogs in the library (this is a big favorite around here!), and they have an event called “Finals Mania” (also in the library) where they serve breakfast for dinner and free hot chocolate and coffee to get you pumped!

My finals have never been too bad in all honesty. I have two more left, thankfully, but so far I have always been able to opt out of a few different finals each semester. I have always been really grateful for that opportunity because I think it really does help to make studying for the finals that you actually have to take. There’s less information to focus on which makes studying seem way less overwhelming.

Finals are definitely not the worst, and once they are over you get to enjoy a month off and a great holiday!

Happy Holidays,