The best advice I have to survive finals is to relax and stay calm. The majority of colleges, if not all, allot an amount of time where instead of having to go to class, students have free time to study and prepare for finals. This time is extremely valuable and definitely assists in helping get through the last stretch of the semester. Although this time is meant for studying, I believe it is important to also use it in order to take care of yourself and your personal well-being. For instance, I make sure to leave some time available throughout the week to go to a yoga class and the gym. This time away from the books is being used to produce endorphins, which can help re-motivate you into getting into a productive study grind! Also, take a breather with some friends by going out to dinner one night or seeing a movie. I can promise you that a couple hours away from the books will not make or break you, and in fact will likely enhance your performance. I know that once I hit a slump socializing and taking a step back always helps reenergize in order to keep pushing! So I hope you take my advice into consideration as well as completely crush your finals! Good luck!!