If you are someone who is worried about the about the academic rigor in college, I can tell you first hand this feeling is one that is shared among every other college student. This is now the start of my second year in college as a first generation student, and I have learned a thing or two about how to cope with this feeling. My classes have officially ended, and with the end of every semester comes the end of semester exams AKA “finals.” Do not be intimidated by this world that gets tossed around during this time of the semester. “Finals” simply means end of semester exams. While these are important test, you should focus on the things that you have control over.

The most important thing that you can control is how you study and prepare for these exams. Study groups, individual work, or tutoring are all great ways to prepare for finals. The key is to start early. You will eventually find your own individual ways of studying for your tests.  The campus environment is very much more calm, quiet, and peaceful. At times there are events throughout campus that focus on relieving stress from finals. If you have time, go to these events to clear your mind and feel refreshed to start studying again.

The best way to approach finals is with a clear mind. Only focus on your preparation. For me that means that I free my schedule to only dedicate time to studying. This includes taking breaks to SLEEP, EAT, and a little EXERCISE. If you maintain a steady routine you will not feel that much of a change when finals come around. That being said time management and prioritizing your work is important.

Taking exams is part of the college experience and you will learn to cope with all the feelings that come with it. After you are done with finals be sure to take real time away for yourself. You will do fine when the time comes around for you sit through your first round of finals.