Have you ever had the pleasure to meet extraordinary people? People who are not only concerned about their lives, but also care about helping others? If you haven’t, let me tell you! They are the best people to meet.

I had the pleasure to meet, in my opinion, two amazing people in high school. My mentors! One of them was one of my teachers during my sophomore year and the second one was one of my teachers during my senior year. Although both of them helped me with academics, one of them I could speak to about anything that really mattered to me. Not only academics, but things that went beyond the curriculum. Five years later, I still maintain this relationship and value it tremendously. The other one, I mostly maintained during high school.

Whatever the case may be! Mentors are very helpful throughout life. They can provide you with feedback about things that you are undergoing, not only because they may have undergone a similar situation, but because they have been exposed to many more things in life. More than likely, they also network! This means that they can serve you as a resource whenever possible. But more than that, they can also serve you as guidance or support in life (this includes for school, work, etc) and this part is priceless!

Hence, if you are able to find a mentor in or through your school, take advantage of that! You never know how helpful mentors can be until you get to know one! When I say they are extraordinary, I don’t mean they have super powers or the like. They are extraordinary in that they are willing to invest time in a person without expecting anything back. They are extraordinary in that instead of being selfish, they’ve made the choice to be a part of someone else’s life.