I must be honest with all of you. It has not been the easiest semester thus far, yet if you look in retrospect, such hurdles want me to build my own character and wisdom.

Since the semester started, it has been quite difficult to adjust to everything, all the changes about this year. One of them was the housing, my friends and I were scattered all over the campus. It is not like the first year where everyone, all the freshmen, got to live in two common places. That way we were all more united in a way. Now I live in a single and you would think it is great, nevertheless, for me, it can also be pretty lonely and isolating—it forces you to go out more and find friends.

In addition to that, I promised myself at the end of my first fall semester that I was not going to over do it with the amount of things that I would add to my plate. However, here it’s autumn and I am perhaps equally or more stressed out than last fall semester. I am taking 5 classes, I have 3 jobs, I write for the newspaper, I am the vice-president of a club, and I am performing for a show next week and rehearsals have been very intense—as the day of performing approaches, I am more and more frightened.

Not only are the school’s and professional obligations a burden and something that causes my mind to swirl incredibly fast, but also friendship obligations. I have been having several disagreements with different friends. I am not in good terms with whom used to be my best friend.

Although, I have found some way throughout the semester to reinstitute the friendships. One of those attempts was fairly easy. All I had to do was ask what was going on. We talked it out. End of the problem. I have endured for the most part the semester itself. It is all about seeking motivation and reminding yourself your goals—that is why I tell you to have a list of goals throughout your four years of college. If you remind yourself what you want to achieve, it makes things easier. Despite all my feelings, I have fought hard to make of this semester productive, enriching, challenging, and one in which I can survive at the end of it.

I have built stronger relations with my friends, my professors and my employers. Somehow more people know me and respect me for my work ethic, perseverance and ambition, and being able to see and experience that is incredible.

In college, you most likely will have a difficult semester, this is mine. It has been difficult in several aspects, especially when you start to feel that you are alone and that everything just seems hopeless and silly. Remind yourself everything you have accomplished, who you have made proud, who inspires you, what inspires you and influences your life; remind yourself too the things that you like, try not to deprive yourself completely from your good indulgences and guilty pleasures, those in fact, make you happier than you might even think. And most importantly, try to not get away completely from people. People will make you laugh, will engage you in interesting and provocative conversations, will create memories and bounds.

This has not been an easy week either. Regardless of your political affiliations, the results weren’t met with great enthusiasm by a big percentage of the Brandeis student body, including me. I will not disclose my views on Trump, yet the day after the election, I, like many, felt confused and depressed. Nevertheless, going out, seeing people, talking to them, and understanding that democracy is not always bright— not always giving us what we want was part of the discussion. I have to say that being on this campus felt depressing, but it also felt comforting and safe. The Brandeis community has been more than supportive of one another. I had my doubts about whether transferring or not, but every semester, I always seem to find a response to why this is the right place for me. I am meant to be here, that is all I can say.

Remember focus on what’s important! If you happen to have a difficult semester, try to seek help if it is too serious. There will always be people ready to listen to you, trust me.