Mentors are very important because they help guide you along the right path. A mentor I have had during my time in college is my dad. He has definitely helped me through all of my ups and downs throughout college. College is crazy and a wild experience and it helps shape the person you are going to become. I made a lot of mistakes in my years at college but what is important is that you learn from them and my dad for sure helped me do that. He did not go to college the traditional route, he went to trade school and started working immediately. But that is why he is a good mentor because he knows how hard the real world is and he has always advised me on what to do even if it isn’t what I wanted to hear. Every issue I had I went to him and it really helped me get through my rough patches of college.

The only person I have really tried to mentor is my little brother because he started college when I was a junior so I have already made my share of mistakes and I would just help him out when he came to me for help. It is a good feeling helping someone because you are making a difference in their life and it shows you have learned from your mistakes. College is much easier when you have someone there to guide and give you meaningful advice. You are going to make mistakes, but everyone does. Having a mentor will help you limit mistakes and when you do make them, they will help you learn from them and grow from them.