A brand new school year, which mean’s brand new faces surround the campus community. However, this year is a bit different because of the new role I have gained. Someway or another, a stranger has now become one of my closest friends and mentee. My mentee is actually a transfer student and what I found to be the most helpful for her, is the simplest things. From taking her on a personalized campus tour to having lunch dates with other students, she has been able to easily adjust to the new environment. I decided to mentor her because I was once in her shoes, not necessarily as a transfer student, but as someone who was having trouble adjusting. I see my mentee as a younger sister, someone that I can give advice too and motivate them in doing better within school and themselves. I really enjoying helping others, especially those who are younger. There will never be progress unless you take the time to teach others. I hope to continue being a mentor to not only my mentee, but other incoming students as well.