Hey there,

My name is Dave Lacroix and I have just completed my freshman year at Dartmouth College. I am majoring in Engineering and will most likely concentrate in either mechanical or electrical engineering. This past summer, I interned at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at the Wharton School of Business’ Health Care Management Department. In this internship, I did research on the Health Care industry as well as information regarding medical products. Overall the internship process was intense as I had never done research on this level before. My freshman year, I wanted to make sure that I utilized my summer wisely. Doing this internship would not only allow me to make some money to help pay this coming year’s schooling but also give me experience moving forward for the internship process. I made an amazing network, learned lots, and enjoyed the summer in Philadelphia. Overall, I am excited for the coming sophomore year! School starts in a week or so and I am excited! I know that I can do whatever I set my mind to. Now off to sophomore year! New experiences here we come!