It is hard to believe that this is my last time moving into Stonehill. I still remember all of the emotions I felt my freshman year when my mother, uncle and I drove four hours from the Bronx to get here. I am in no means poetic, but sometimes when I am having a hard time putting my thoughts together it is easier for me to describe how I am feeling using statements. Below I have a list of statements or a “poem” some might call it to describe what I am feeling.

Three years later.

One year to go.

Can I go back?

Time flies.

Can I do it all over again?

OH MY GOSH, I can’t believe.

My mother is going to be so proud.

I’m so proud.

I am Dominican.

I am a first generation college student.

I am an immigrant.

In just two semesters I will also be a college graduate.

I studied abroad.

I made lifelong friends.

I have mentors.

I have new skills.

I made Dean’s list.

I joined clubs.

I have a second home.

I had internships.

I have a resume.

I cried.

I laughed.

I embarrassed myself.

I panicked.

It wasn’t easy.

I learned about myself.

I’m going to land a good job.

I want to go to grad school.

All my hard work is paying off.

All of my mother’s hard work is paying off.

My younger brothers are going to see me get my degree.

I can do it.

I’m going to be a college graduate.

I’m almost done doing it.

You can do it too.

This is only the beginning.