With spring break winding down, it is time to get back into school mode. It also means there is only half of the semester left. Soon you will find yourself, if you have not already, discussing with your parents what school you will be attending. I was in that exact situation once, allow me to share some of the concerns your parents will have.

The first thing any parent will want to know is how the cost of attending college will be covered. In my situation, my parents knew I was planing on staying in Texas. So the discussion about out of state tuition costs were not in the air. Once I began receiving financial aid offers, I remember sitting with my college counselor and parents and looking at the different options and the cost for attending each school. This really helped my parents support my decision.

Presenting your parents with a plan and reasoning for why you want to attend a certain school will help you and your parents be on the same page when it comes to choosing a school. There are other factors that you should  consider other than finances. In my experience, finances played an important role in helping me decide on a school.