I’m sure that at some point or another you have heard some one tell you to “get involved.” There is no better way to get exposed to the field of your interest than by joining groups or organizations that share your interest.

One of the places you can start your search, once you’re at the school of your choice, is at the schools organizations fair. These are usually held at the begging of each semester at my school. I can personally say that every time I have been to one of these events, I have always left learning about at least one organization in didn’t know was at my school. Another way to learn about organizations at any school is through a simple google search or on the schools website. All you would need to do is get in contact with the group. This information is usually found along with all the registered organizations at the school.

If, while your doing your search, you find that the organization you are looking for is not registered in the school, that would be your chance to contribute something to your school. At my institution, to register a new organization the group needs to create a memorandum which lists the purpose of the organization and the names off three officers need to be recorded in the memorandum. You would probably also need a professor or faculty member from your school that can serve as the person who overlook or guides the group.

I would suggest that you join a social group and an organization that is related to your course of study. Your involvement in these groups over time will help you obtain an officer position in the organization. As an officer for the Student Nutrition Association, at my school I have been able to share with others some of the experience that exposed me to the field of nutrition. Joining organizations also gives you the opportunity to meet people in that community that understand the process to be successful in your field of interest.

I could not imagine what student life would belike if there were no organizations at universities. Your contribution or involvement at school is also important to help you develop skills that you wont necessarily learn in a classroom setting. So think forward about how you can contribute in any organization at your school.