With college, there are many unseen expenses that we do not think about; they are the hidden fees. These fees can include laundry, books, transportation, personal hygiene, entertainments, and the list goes on. However, these fees can also be tackled if we know what how to save or find other resources.

For example, before I buy any of my books for class, I search them in my school’s library. Fortunately, I have found some of my books in the library and was able to save. In addition to my school’s library, we partner with other schools where we are able to check out books from their library as well. So if my school does not have the books I need, I can always try other school’s library. If my books are not found in any libraries, I usually search if there are any free online PDF versions of my book. (Thankfully, I found my psychology textbook online, which would’ve cost me around $200 dollars if I didn’t do my search). There are so many options with books out there, and you just have to put in extra times to search for them!


In college, money can influence your social life. There will be times when you cannot go out with your friends, but there are more times in which you can. My friends and I spend our time together without the need of money or spending very little. We spend our times by streaming tv shows online or, enjoy a comfortable and lax hangout. As friends, we understand that we want to save money, and usually consult with one another before we do anything to pricey. The transparency with how much each of us are willing to spend have allowed my friends and I to spend many quality times together without money. (The best times are usually the times that uses less money).

I have not personally master the skill of budgeting yet, but I just got out of a six hours Financial Literacy Workshop. This means that I can start practicing how to create a monthly budget that is realistic.